Behind the scenes: Cum sunt de fapt filmate scenele 'hot' de la Hollywood

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Cu exceptia filmelor artistice erotice care arata scene de sex explicite si care chiar au loc in timpul filmarilor (Love, In The Realm of the Senses, The Idiots, Rester Vertical, Antichrist si multe altele), a filma secvente erotice presupune multe trucuri si iluzie.


Daca v-ati intrebat vreodata cum reusesc regizorii sa reproduca astfel de scene, facandu-le sa para cat de cat naturale, urmatoarele insight-uri o sa va satisfaca:

Se folosesc coregrafii, implementate de dansatori.

Nothing is left to chance so that no one feels like they are being groped, which could make an actor feel unsafe and therefore unable to be present in the scene.” povesteste Tricia Brouk-coregraf.


Organele genitale sunt acoperite cu ceea ce se cheama in platou-talk: the cock sock si the snatch patch.

A cock sock is a skin-colored pouch that he puts all of his stuff in; it has a drawstring on it. You put all of the things in there and then you double-knot it.The snatch patchouble-stick tape or this great product called Bikini Bite, which is a water-proof roll-on adhesive. Explica Sarah Basta-scenograf.


Se intampla ca actorii sa aiba tot felul de reactii.

Sorry if I do, sorry if I don’t, in terms of erections. That way, if it does pop up, she won’t be afraid that it’s going beyond acting. If it doesn’t, she won’t feel rejected. A declarat un actor.


Parul pubian e fals de cele mai multe ori, la fel si transpiratia.

I’ve definitely been up in people’s business. My no. 1 priority is making the actors feel as comfortable as possible, which in turn makes them feel more sexy. Marturiseste Sharpe- Makeup artist.


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Behind the scenes: Cum sunt de fapt filmate scenele 'hot' de la Hollywood
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