Michael Douglas a vorbit despre lupta lui cu cancerul si a confirmat ca Val Kilmer are acelasi lucru

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In iunie 2015, au aparut mai multe zvonuri care spuneau ca Val Kilmer are cancer la gat si chiar au fost lansate mai multe fotografii cu actorul, in care el nu arata deloc OK.

Val a notat pe retelele sociala ca nimic nu este adevarat si ca se simte bine.

Un an si jumatate mai tarziu, Michael Douglas a hotarat sa vorbeasca despre lupta lui cu aceasta boala si chiar a dezvaluit cum bunul sau prieten Val sufera fix de acelasi lucru, doar ca nu se descurca prea bine la recuperare.


Douglas a aflat ca are cancer la limba in 2010, atunci cand medicii au descoperit o tumoare de marimea unei nuci in gatul sau. A fost diagnosticat in stadiul 4.

Au urmat o serie de proceduri si tratamente drastice, insa un an mai tarziu, actorul a dezvaluit ca a batut boala, si este ok de atunci si pana in prezent.

Douglas a fost invitat in Londra, la evenimentul An Evening with Michael Douglas, gazduit de Jonathan Ross. Intrebat despre consecinte vizibile, Michael, 72 de ani, a spus:

Red wine does not taste as good (as it used to). It’s a small problem. Spicy food does not bother me as much as it used to. I have certain things I stay away from. I can do beer.


Tipul de cancer pe care Douglas l-a avut a fost unul provocat de HPV, virus transmis sexual si poate fi luat si prin sex oral. Despre procesul chimioterapiei si radioterapiei, actorul a spus:

There is a period when they talk about if it does not work. In my particular situation, they said they may have to have surgery and you may not have much of a film career after that as they would have to remove part of your jaw. It is all going through your mind but I kind of lived with it. I remember my initial reaction was “Could this be a death sentence?” But once the intensive chemo/radiation programme was explained to me I just put those thoughts to the back of my mind and just concentrated on getting through the next eight weeks.


Douglas a vorbit si despre bunul lui prieten, Val Kilmer, si a povestit cum actorul se confruta cu aceeasi problema:

Val was a wonderful guy who is dealing with exactly what I had [cancer], and things don’t look too good for him. My prayers are with him. That’s why you haven’t heard too much from Val lately.



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