Lily Collins vorbeste deschis despre problemele pe care le-a avut cu anorexia, cu ocazia premierei filmului To The Bone

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Lily Collins, in cel mai recent film al sau, To The Bone, joaca o tanara care sufera de anorexie. In timp ce-si promova filmul la Sundance, simpatica actrita a dezvaluit ca si ea s-a luptat cu asta in adolescenta.

This was definitely a more dramatic role for me, I suffered with eating disorders when I was a teenager as well. I wrote a book last year and I wrote my chapter on my experiences a week before I got Marti’s script and it was like the universe putting these things in my sphere to help me face, kind of dead on, a fear that I used to have, a spus Lily, 27 de ani.

Filmul ar trebui sa aiba un impact destul de mare, mai ales ca regizoarea lui, Marti Noxon, a scris scenariul bazat pe propria ei experienta cu tulburarile de mancare.

Lily a slabit mult pentru a interpreta rolul personajului Ellen, insa, de aceasta data, cu ajutorul unui nutritionist.

It caused me to have to emotionally go there, but in a way that was the most safe, healthy way possible with a nutritionist, and really to physically go there but also emotionally. And it did require a different set of emotional skills, to kind of go back in time for me, with you know, my experiences.

Dupa aceasta confesiune, Lily a scris un post pe Instagram:

Chilled to the bone but feeling so free. What a huge moment this is for me. Owning my past, being open, and having no shame or regrets about my experiences. Sharing my history with eating disorders and how personal this film has been is one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

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