Kristen Stewart va regiza un film despre controlul armelor

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Actrita pe care o stim cel mai bine din rolul din Twilight, Kirsten Stewart, tocmai si-a facut debutul in regie la Sundance cu filmul Come Swim.
Stewart a inceput deja sa vorbeasca despre urmatorul ei film, despre care spune ca o sa  'kick ass'.


My next thing is going to kick ass. It's about gun control. A declarat actrita.

Cat despre

, Steward spune ca a fost ingrijorata de opinia publicului:

My movie is about some guy who goes through heartbreak and is super sad about it, and that was my friend thing I was thinking about for three years. And it feels really first-world white-people problems, and I came here a little bit nervous about it, considering the timing, because people are going to be like, ‘That doesn't matter. But I feel like things are going to shift in this really beautiful way.

Tanara a fost activ implicata politic in ultimul timp, luand parte la Marsul Femeilor, printre altele.

You don't have to be a politically involved person to be uber-aware of the fact that very basic humanitarian ideas are being so incredibly trampled on.


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