Stranger Things a anuntat un nou sezon

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*acest articol poate contine spoilere

Stranger Things, cel mai cool serial nou Netflix, cu opt capitole pline de mistere si datatoare de dependenta, s-a terminat deja pentru multi dintre noi. Am ramas cu un playlist si multe amintiri, chiar si cu niste insomnii din cand in cand.


Tulburati, dar si multumiti cumva, am inceput deja sa ne gandim, "ce se va intampla mai departe" si din fericire, fratii Duffer, regizorii serialului au venit cu vesti bune.

Matt and I are fully focused on Stranger Things and trying to start batting around and figuring out what—well, we're calling it a sequel—will be, and so far the ideas we have, we're pretty excited about it. A declarat Ross Duffer catre Esquire.

Reed Hastings, chief executive Netflix, spune ca ar fi nebun sa nu ia Stranger Things pentru un nou sezon. 


Cu 9.1 pe IMDb si milione de rezultate pe Google, Stranger Things e fara indoiala noul hit Netflix.

Because we don't have advertising we are under a whole different model to not compare all the shows and rank other shows, because it kind of doesn't matter what everybody loves the most it, matters what you or I love most.You can get approximations ... if you look on IMDB the most popular TV show right now it's Stranger Things, so that's a reasonable proxy. It's not that there's no data, just that we don't give out our data.

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