Jemima Kirke (Jessa) din Girls vorbeste despre imagine corporala in timp ce se dezbraca

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Girls, serialul care revolutionat lumea show-urilt TV cu fete, aratand personaje alternative, imperfecte, vulnerabile si misto, a ajuns la ultimul sezon si va face oamenii sa rada despre lucrurile dureroase din viata (citeste mai mult).

Cu aceasta ocazie, Jemima Kirke, cea care o interpreteaza pe Jessa, artista excentrica si promiscua, care are un accent irezistibil, s-a hotarat sa vorbeasca deschis despre personajul pe care l-a interpretat, ce impact a avut asupra ei, imagine corporala si acceptarea imperfectiunilor, asta in timp ce isi da jos hainele.


I used to think freedom was being not attached to anything. I’ve been working on redefining that, that freedom is not about being not attached to people. You can still be free when people love you. And that is something that I learned as a child, that love was very suffocating and entrapping. Alone meant freedom.

Ea marturiseste ca nu seamana atat de mult cu personajul ei, ca de fapt nu e atat de increzatoare in abilitatile ei si nu e deloc acest spirit liber, care este Jessa.

I have a healthy outlook to what people think about me, but I’m not this ‘free spirit’ by any means,” she explained. “I am riddled with neuroses and self-loathing and fear and feeling inadequate. I have confidence in areas: I can get up in front of people and do things. I’m confident to be naked. I can bullshit people into thinking that I’m showing myself. But my abilities, I’m not confident in.


Nu ar putea niciodata sa aiba aceeasi atitudine de je m'en fiche fata de viata.

Sometimes I have studio visits where people come over to talk and critique your work, and I’ll put everything away. I’m like, ‘It’s all in piles. Nothing’s done.’ Nothing’s ever done because if it’s finished, I’m accountable for it. If it stays in progress, then I don’t have to own it,” she said. “And you just want to be like, ‘Oh fuck it. I won’t make anything.’ But I really want to now. I want to get going. I’m shedding some of that fear of being accountable for things that I make, and so things are opening up to me

Ultimul sezon din Girls va avea premiera pe 12 februarie.

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