5 noutati despre noul sezon Mr. Robot

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Mr. Robot a fost vedeta Comic-Con de anul acesta. Serialul nostru preferat si-a incepul cel de-al doilea sezon in forta, lasandu-ne putin bulversati despre cele intamplate.

Producatorii Mr. Robot, impreuna cu Rami Malek, au mai dat cate ceva 'din casa' pentru a ne face viata de fani devotati mai usoara.

1. Elliot va avea de suferit consecinte drastice

"se simte foarte vinovat de cele intamplate cu Gideon", "ma indoiesc ca va placut", explica Malek


We deal with the fallout quite a bit. Obviously you can already see that he’s conflicted and feels very guilty about what’s happened with Gideon, and there’s more to come from him. The special thing about this show is we don’t live in this fairytale land where you can just destroy the world’s economy and everything is going to be better because of it ... There’s a big question: At what cost would you like to affect your society and the world you live in? What are the repercussions of that? What that would be for Elliot remains to be seen, but I doubt that it’s going to be pleasant.

2. Va exista un twist important care are legatura cu Angela

Angela a trecu aparent de partea celor rai, lucrand pentru E, dar se pare ca producatorii i-au promis o evolutie pe care nici ea nu va reusi sa o prezica.


Say there’s going to be so many episodes where people go back-and-forth and don’t know what is going on because there is something [unexpected] this season.

3. Mr. Robot inca are mare stapanire pe Elliot

[Mr. Robot is] there to challenge Elliot and to do things that he might not normally be able to do.


4. Legatura dintre Angela, Elliot si Darlene e foarte importanta.

What I can tell you is those three have a lot to do with each other this season: me, Darlene, and Elliot. You get to see a lot more about their relationships, especially Angela and Elliot.


5. Elliot nu este atat de nebun pe cat pare.

If it’s a convoluted or questionable world where he’s at, you should also question why you’re watching it. I think things are a bit more real than people have surmounted so far.


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