Cum au reactionat 8 soti atunci cand sotiile lor le-au trimis sms-uri cu replici din Fifty Shades Darker

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8 femei din America s-au gandit sa le faca o surpriza sotilor lor, asa ca le-au trimis prin SMS replici din celebra carte Fifty Shades Darker (carte transformata intr-un film care va avea premiera in februarie 2017).

Reactiile partenerilor de viata au fost foarte amuzante si multi dintre ei chiar s-au prins despre ce e vorba.


Va lasam si pe voi sa vedeti ce a iesit si, de ce nu, sa incercati si voi acasa:

1. Ami si Aaron sunt casatoriti de 9 ani


At first it seemed like he might be a little into it, but then he just got really confused. After the third line, he started freaking out and even called me to see if I was OK or if someone had stolen my phone.

2. Christina si Andrew sunt casatoriti de 8 luni




This was actually a lot of fun. I think Andrew was pretty surprised at first, but he was game to play along — perhaps it's one of the perks of being newly married. (We haven't had our public ceremony and party yet, hence the vow talk.) He definitely Googled one of the lines though, so he knew what I was up to.

3. Jackie si Chris sunt casatoriti de 3 ani


Well, that didn't last long. The 'so hot, so cold' line is also a Fifty Shades line, so he caught on right away to what I was doing. I'm not sure if I should be impressed or scared by the fact that he knew.

4. Sam si Dustin sunt casatoriti de 1 an



Dustin and I had been texting all morning about buying last-minute Christmas gifts, and since his birthday is two days after, I realized that was my perfect segue. I started with the birthday text and he completely ran with that idea for awhile, not even focusing on the sexy parts of the other messages. He just thought I was trying to distract him from figuring out what his gift was the whole time.

5. Liz si Joe sunt casatoriti de 5 ani



I decided to text Joe while he was out for a friend's birthday, and after a few lines he literally put his phone on silent! He didn't bring it up the next day, but when I did he just said, 'Um, I wasn't impressed. Where were you watching that?

6. Kayleigh si Kenny sunt casatoriti de 2 ani



I feel like Kenny's responses sum up how this experiment went pretty well. He thinks I'm crazy, high on acid, or need Jesus (maybe all three). Guess Fifty Shades just doesn't do it for him.

7. Raquel si Neville sunt casatoriti de 3 ani



I texted Neville while he was away on a work trip for the week, because there's no way I'd be able to do it with him home. He was super confused the entire time and thought someone had taken my phone, but at least he had some fun with it. I'd probably correct my grammar, too.

8. Katie si Tristan sunt casatoriti de 3 ani


After the second quote, Tristan figured something was up, so he Googled the quote and starting sending phrases back to me. The 'I'm breathing now' is because in the book it says Christian Grey starts breathing heavily.

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